“Her set [at the Doug Fir Lounge, Feb. 6th] included new material that gave fans a preview of her evolution as an artist. One of these new songs is her single “Villain” which quickly became a fan favorite… I was extremely impressed with Sarah’s voice, she was compelling and connected with all of us. There was a real energy in the room at the end of her performance and the fans wanted more.”

-Luke Neill, Sounds of PDX

“Her lovely spirit shines through even more in her musical performance…Sarah is not afraid to share her weakness and vulnerability. Her stories, both in song and in the transitions between, draw the audience in…Using clever humor and being willing to expose specific and extremely delicate details of her life, Sarah invites us to listen with our hearts and look at some of the negative experiences in life as opportunities to learn and grow.”

-Kelly M Jones, Portland Notes

“The sheer veracity and range of these new songs not only lends itself to her trademark huskier hushed vocals, but also showed a new range of much more soulful, bluesy and mature singing styling’s. A talent that was always there, but with these new songs much more center stage and refreshingly in your face. Gone is the bubble gum!!! Songs such as Let You Go, Double Dipping and her new killer riff opus Villain are the new direction and the song structures, words and riffs while somewhat more dark, more real, are still catchy as hell. These wings you have found are truly a Phoenix rising from the ashes.”

-Gerrit Swearingen, Music Blogger/Enthusiast

“Sarah’s powerful voice filled our studio as she performed three new songs for us. The talk board was lighting up with praise and support from her fans.”

-Luke Neill, Portland Radio Project

“Vitort sets people up to feel good and facilitates an endearment towards freedom. In the album-titled song, “Wild Heart, Gypsy Soul” the formula works masterfully […] It is an example of where the music and lyrical narrative truly align to inspire wanderlust. Another favorite is “A Date with Jack” where Vitort playfully describes her relationship with her drinking habits that is cleverly self-empowering. “Natural Disaster” […] is catchy as fuck and fun to sing along to […] a perfect formula for a pop song. In these songs she excels at capturing the listener and can affect them.”

– Billy Dye, Eleven Magazine

“Her music affects the emotional center of all who listen, in a great way.”

-DJ Rachelle Schmidt, KPSU Radio

Sue Vorenberg, The Columbian

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